In 2020 getting a flu vaccination is more important than ever. It will help to prevent you from becoming ill with seasonal influenzas. These are unpleasant respiratory diseases that can be serious if you’re elderly or have pre-existing health problems.

Even more crucially for this winter, even the mildest case of flu makes you more vulnerable to having a serious case of COVID-19.

To be clear, your flu shot is not a vaccine against getting this novel coronavirus but it does help to protect your health during this dangerous pandemic.

Will the flu injection make me ill?

Some people hesitate to arrange a flu vaccination due to concern it will make them ill (and therefore more vulnerable to COVID-19). In fact, there is no evidence that the flu injection gives you flu or any other respiratory issues!

Deadly impact of having flu and COVID-19

If you need a more compelling reason to have a seasonal flu injection, then imagine the dire situation of having flu and COVID-19 at the same time. It greatly increases the chance of coronavirus proving fatal.

According to Government advice on flu and COVID-19:

Other reasons to avoid having flu

Reducing your risk of having a deadly dose of coronavirus is not the only reason to arrange an appointment to have your seasonal flu injection. Getting influenza means relying on NHS help and advice, diverting resources away from the ongoing battle against the pandemic.

Do you need a flu shot when you’ve had COVID-19?

If you’ve recovered from coronavirus, it’s still worth taking the flu vaccine. Not least as you may have lingering side effects, making avoiding a bout of flu a great idea.

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