It’s highly likely that travel restrictions and rules will continue to be a feature of international travel for some time. Whether you are going abroad for a holiday, a business trip or for a medical procedure, you will find that airlines, airports and immigration departments will make regular changes to control the spread of COVID-19.

This can make it invaluable to obtain a COVID-19 Fit to Fly certificate. It is a document that proves you are COVID negative. It can be essential to gain entry to some countries.

Do I need proof I am COVID-free to fly?

The worldwide destinations demanding proof that you are free of the coronavirus are not fixed in place. That is because dealing with the pandemic is a rapidly changing situation.

When flying for business or pleasure, having a recent and verified COVID-19 Fit to Fly certificate can help you to meet the current restrictions and requirements at your destination, and at your home airport too!

More insights on flying and the pandemic

You must research up to date travel restrictions just before your journey. These could affect your plans, such as the way to get a certificate to prove you are COVID negative. For example, to enter some countries your test results must have been obtained by sampling done within 72 hours of the flight.

Also, please be aware that there are other measures you can take when flying to avoid getting or passing this coronavirus.

  • Only travel when essential
  • Before your trip, maintain strict social distancing, wear a mask when that’s not possible, and wash your hands frequently.

If you are looking for the best place to take a COVID-19 test and obtain a Travel Certificate, please contact Oval Medical Centre for more advice on how to get a health professional to prove you are Fit to Fly.

COVID-19 Test and Travel Certificate

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