A public health issue that may live next door!

We speak of loneliness when there is a lack of contact; when the person feels that their support network does not meet their needs and expectations.

Studies reveal that loneliness increases the chance of early death by 45%. Obesity increases by 20% and excessive alcohol consumption by 30%.

In 2018, during Theresa May’s government, the “Secretary of Loneliness” was created, and UK became the first country in the world with a Ministry of Loneliness.

Reports released in 2017 showed that the harmful impact of loneliness on health is similar to the consumption of 15 cigarettes a day.

It is estimated that in the UK around 9 million people report living in solitude. It is known that individuals of all age groups can be affected, but people over 75 are the ones who suffer the most from this problem.

Isolation has become an increasingly common problem for the aging population. As they go through weeks without any meaningful contact, they face very real dangers in regards to their mental and emotional health, leading them to other health problems, such as depression, anxiety or emotional distress.

Loneliness is not a medical diagnosis, but some doctors already refer their patients in states of loneliness to collective activities, in order to foster social bonds essential to human existence.

Be supportive of those who live and pass by your side.

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