Technology is helping medical scientists and practitioners to find robust solutions to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it can also help individuals like you, by supporting you to protect yourself and others from infection.

The NHS COVID-19 app was launched to gather and share vital information and to deliver ‘Track & Trace’. This guide explains more about how it can help you.

What is the NHS COVID-19 app?

This is a safe computer application (app) you download onto your mobile phone, from the AppStore or Google Play. You could go on the NHS website to find links to download the app too. It’s free of charge and includes high privacy settings for your personal data.

Once you activate it, the app forms an essential part of the NHS Track & Trace service. This is tracking infection patterns and tracing anyone who may be affected.

How does the NHS COVID app work?

Using your location, the tasks the app carries out include:

  • TRACE: You receive a notification on the app when you have been near someone who has tested positive.
  • ALERT: It provides information about infection rates around your postcode.
  • CHECK-IN: Provides you with a quick way to check-in at venues. Then, you can be contacted if you’ve come into contact with someone with COVID.
  • SYMPTOMS: Shows up-to-date information on coronavirus symptoms, and helps you to decide “Do I need a COVID-19 test?”.
  • TEST: Makes it easier to book a Coronavirus test.
  • ISOLATE: Provides information about your quarantine period, including a countdown of time and relevant health information.

More help

The NHS website has more information and a handy video about downloading and using the NHS COVID-19 app.

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