Did you know that over 90% of skin cancers are curable? It is true. But this high success rate is only possible when the disease is identified in its early stages. In advanced stages, melanoma, for example, is recognized as one of the most serious and aggressive.

In a normal scenario, the existing cells in the various layers of skin renew themselves. Excessive and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays can cause abnormal and exaggerated growth in existing skin cells, leading to mutations in their DNA, causing skin cancer.

There are several types of skin cancer and it is important to know the main risk factors.

There are individual, uncontrollable risk factors for the malignant melanoma, the most well known and serious of these cancers:

  • Having pale skin;
  • Having freckles;
  • Genetic predisposition/family history
  • Presence of multiple moles on the skin
  • Exposure to large amounts of sunshine through daily exposure to weather in hot climates (or even reflected sunshine in snowy climates)
  • Suffering from chronic immunosuppression (for example, being a transplant patient).

There are also behavioral factors which are controllable:

  • History of multiple sunburns in the past;
  • Frequent exposure to the sun without using sunscreen;
  • Using sunbeds frequently.
  • Look after your skin and make daily use of sunscreen.

Ensure that any lesions that look unusual, are growing or changing in appearance are seen by a medical professional.

Remember that the Oval Medical Centre has at your disposal a medical team of excellence, able to clarify and help you.

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