Tendinitis is an inflammatory process in the tendon. The tendon is a flexible, although dense structure that attach muscles to bones, guaranteeing the possibility of movement of the joints.

This is a frequent disorder common in athletes and professionals who make repetitive movements. These repetitive tasks cause an acute injury to the tendon, when they force it into a movement abnormal to its capacity.

The main symptoms of tendinitis are:

  • Pain located in the injured tendon, which worsens significantly when you move it;
  • Limitation of movements in the affected area;
  • Swelling or feeling of heat and redness present, due to the occurrence of the inflammatory process.

In less severe situations, you may be able to improve the symptoms in about 2 to 3 days, choosing to rest the injured tendon, apply an ice pack to the affected area for about 20 minutes, every 3 hours, and also apply a bandage around the inflamed tendon. Remember that this bandage must be comfortable and never too tight.

If the pain persists and you feel that all the symptoms remain without improvement, visit your doctor for help and advice.
At Oval Medical Centre, our doctors are available to help you. Don’t let tendinitis become a limitation in your life!

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