Fertility problems can originate in both men and women. Approximately one-third of infertility cases are female-related, twenty percent male-related, and nearly half involve both partners or are unexplained. Without a specialist medical assessment, it can be difficult to determine and treat the underlying cause in many cases. 

Oval Medical Centre offers an exclusive fertility counselling service with Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr Jeronima Teixeira who has extensive expertise in the field of fertility.  

Her career includes: Professor of Obstetrics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, PhD at Imperial College London, research and publications at Queen Charlotte and Chelsea and Westminster hospitals in the UK, in both NHS and in private healthcare.

Our fertility specialist leads the consultation and covers topics such as IVF and egg freezing, offering you the chance to ask questions as part of each session. She has a holistic approach to reproductive health and will ensure that you are given the most up to date information and fully prepared in your journey towards starting a family. 


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