Whether you are a soft drink fan or not, everyone knows that they do not contribute positively to health.

A single can of Coca-Cola contains 37g of sugar (10 tablespoons!), equivalent to 148% of the WHO’s recommended daily intake. Does it make you think?

But the harms are numerous, including:

  1. Weight gain due to the consumption of high concentrations of sugar;
  2. Harmful tooth wear, causing sensitivity and possible cavities;
  3. Increased blood pressure associated with high sodium consumption;
  4. Increased risk for diabetes, as high concentrations of sugar in the bloodstream reduce the body’s insulin sensitivity.
  5. They promote a feeling of swelling, given the high percentages of sodium, which also causes fluid retention;
  6. They compromise bone mass, as phosphoric acid reduces calcium absorption;
  7. Increases formation of kidney stones.

Some of these drinks can contain a high amount of caffeine which can disturb sleep, increase anxiety and a feeling of unease, and cause heart palpitations.

If you drink soft drink every day, know this “crime doesn’t pay” and your health asks for a change! Minimize soft drink consumption. Give priority to water, flavored waters or 100% natural juices.

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