Reaching 40 is incredible, it is just like stepping on yet another pedestal of life with further maturity, sensibility, and experiences. As people say, “age is just a number”, and most importantly, further memories add special moments to your life. Nevertheless, the habits you introduce around your 40s may decide the course of your life starting from your lifestyle, your eating habits to stress.

It all affects the way you grow old. To be more specific, most of your time is spent literally choosing how you want to grow old. Remaining fit and healthy is for sure the best way. Therefore, here we have few simple steps to help you stay healthy in your 40s.

1. Healthy metabolism

Although growing old can be great, unfortunately, our body doesn’t seem to like the idea. So, it is your job to keep your body healthy and your mind sane. To do that you must strengthen your metabolism, which is basically ruled by the food you eat and the healthy habits you adopt. In this instant, as your lifestyle may decide the course of your life, your metabolism is a priority that needs your attention!

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2. Eating healthy

As you age your metabolism slows down, which is one of the main reasons your immunity is also affected. To absorb the nutrients from the food, your metabolism goes through a process of chemical reactions, and the older you get the slower it processes. For this reason, you must adopt a healthy daily diet containing the right micronutrients and macronutrients, this keeps your metabolism working.

In addition, you should avoid skipping meals since your metabolism needs to keep going rather than slow down. This is an important time to eat foods that will strengthen your body, so your metabolism doesn’t feel the age.

3. Strengthen your bone health

At 40 your body is beginning to respond differently; your joints produce less collagen and cartilage, and you start to lose bone density making them become more fragile. Thus, maintaining healthy bones can strengthen the foundation of your life. Adding plenty of calcium-rich foods can be a great idea. Apart from that, adding protein and collagen-rich foods can also be great for your body.

Foods that can make your bones healthy include- dairy products and dairy alternatives, seeds, salmon, canned sardines, beans, and almonds. Here at Oval Medical Centre, we can support you with the nutrition for your life span.

Elizete Reis Bennett
Elizete Reis Bennett

Nutritional Scientist BSc ANutr

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