Also called social phobia, social anxiety is a long-term and overwhelming fear of social situations like meeting or speaking to people. The anxious fear of experiencing feelings of humiliation, rejection, shame/embarrassment or even offence, acts as a trigger, leading to intimidating discomfort.

Anxiety can manifest itself:

  • on a physical level (a surge of adrenaline causing skin flushing and sweating, shaking, palpitations and hyperventilation)
  • on a behavioural level (physically distancing yourself or avoiding situations that trigger anxiety)
  • on a cognitive level (constant negative thoughts about how you may be portrayed, feeling devalued or useless).

If you struggle with social anxiety and have it interfere with your life, you are far from being alone.

At Oval Medical Centre, our qualified psychologists can help. Through personalised treatment, they will assist you in establishing a newfound worth and assurance that there is nothing wrong in striving for the best.

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